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The X-Structure;

The Basic Nature of Life and Existence
- Ontology of Consciousness and Reality


Overview - Very Brief


The X-Structure is based on the intuitive knowledge illustrating the Cosmic Worldview conveyed by the Danish intuitive philosopher and mystic Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981) - especially presented by his collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen (1932 -) and "The X-Project" by NCP X-AIONS, New Cosmic Paradigm with Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science, researching the Ontology of the Cosmic Worldview and presenting New Science. Per Bruus-Jensen has devoted his life to systematizing and connecting Martinus' intuitive knowledge to modern science, in a so called "top-down model".

The background to and aim of NCP X-AIONS is to continue implementing Per Bruus-Jensen's work, systematizing and presenting the Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview. A work and project in close cooperation with PBJ, made possible by his extensive teaching that, for many years, he imparted to the founders of NCP X-AIONS.


The Living Cosmos

According to the X-Structure presented in the Ontology of the Cosmic Worldview, the Multiverse/Cosmos is not simply an inert and random collection of energy and matter but, on the contrary, is a living, multidimansional, infinite and all-embracing entity; an immaterial "Something" with the will and ability to experience - which through this experience attains disposal over so-called consciousness. (Consciousness, in this context, should be understood as knowledge of Something's being - including its own.)


The X-Structure - the Basic Nature of Life and Reality

According to the X-structure reality fundamentally - both objective and subjective - is immaterial emptiness and stillness. The X-structure constitutes the very basic nature of Reality, Life and Consciousness. This fundamental X-structure is in principle the same for everything including the infinite Cosmos - activating and transforming the emptiness and stillness into energy, force, movement, matter and life-experience/ consciousness.


"X0" - The Primordial Domain of Existence - Initial Reality

"X0" is an all-embracing, unmanifested, virtual world of emptiness and stillness; a world which, in virtual form, contains an infinite potential of creative possibilities, thereby constituting the initial reality, the absolute and comprehensive foundation for everything else. Here prevails the condition of wholeness and infinity; a state of total nonduality and nonlocality.

The X-Structure, X0 the Initial Reality NCP X-AIONS


In a self-referential manner (i.e. with itself as the only prerequisite) X0 is permeated by a spontaneous and continuous need for self-knowledge, (i.e. the ability to perceive and experience itself) termed "the Central Need", and as a consequence of this, a motivating and determining will is generated called "the Primordial Urge" taking advantage of the virtual creative possibilities in order to create a real and concrete alternative (a contrast) to the X0-nature of emptiness and stillness.
The direct and continuous confirmation of this is the permanent activation of an indivisible, integrated
Triune Operating Principle "X" with Three Functional Aspects.

The Triune Operating Principle "X" with its Three Functional Aspects

X1 - the creating and experiencing Something (the Subject/the I) - emptiness, stillness
- this Something's creative and experiential ability - energy (qualitative cosmic basic energies)
X3 - the created and experienced, i.e. X3 = the result of the interaction between the subject (X1) and its creative/experiential ability (X2) represented by movement, the material illusion as objective reality on one side, and the experience of it as subjective reality/consciousness on the other - X3 Obj: energy conversion, movement and X3 Subj.: qualia.

The X-Structure: X0 and The Triune Operating Principle X1, X2, X3  NCP X-AIONS



The X1-Function

- the creating and experiencing Something, "the Creator and Experiencer", the subject/I, (emptiness, stillness)

X1 is a consequence of the X0-nature in combination with the central need and the primordial urge, expressing the activation of one of the virtual creative possibilities in X0, namely, the function "creator/experiencer".


The X2-Function

- "the Creative and Experiential Ability" - (basic energy)

X2 is expressed by seven extremely subtle qualitative "fundamental/basic energies" with specific characteristics. These basic energies build up everything from the most subtle (consciousness, thoughts, feelings, memories etc.) to the very densest (physical matter, black holes etc.). The primary fundamental energy ("the mother energy") holds and operates via a number of so-called Cosmic Creative Principles, termed Morphogenetic Effect Constants; formative and structuring forces which sustain and organize life and reality. We can empirically observe the effects of these morphogenetic effect constants e.g. in the constants of nature, laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision.

The X2-function and its effect constants "split up" and create a contrast to the all-embracing totality (X0), i.e. the status of nonduality and nonlocality, the nature of infinity and eternity is divided and separated into life-units, individuals, as well as states and distances, comprising space and time, etc. The complementarity of wholeness/oneness and duality/separation, and also "the Structure of Entanglement" are formed and expressed through the morphogenetic effect constants (X2).


The X3-Function

- "the Created and Experienced" - (energy conversion, movement, the manifested Cosmos - and - life-experience/consciousness "qualia")

The result of the interaction between the subject (X1) and its creative/experiential ability (X2) is represented by the created (X3), namely the material illusion as objective reality on one side, and the experience of it as subjective reality on the other, "the subjective reality complex". Everything created (X3) emerges as expressions of life (movements) and thus constitutes a contrast to the X0-nature of emptiness and stillness. Creation involves conversion of energy and manifests itself as movement - the five universal classes of motion: primordial motion ("from A to B"), space, time, transformation, matter. Motion is the most distinctive feature of life - movement is life in demonstration. Note that all motions of the Multiverse neutralize each other, confirming the all-embracing X0-nature of emptiness and stillness.

X3 includes as mentioned the experience of expressions of life (movements) and thus the generation of consciousness, i.e. knowledge of something's being, including itself.

The phenomenon of consciousness/life-experience concerns the way in which X2/energy and its objective functions (= energy conversion X3/objectively), exist for X1 (= life-experience X3/subjectively).


THE X-STRUCTURE - X0 and The Triune Operating Principle

The X-Structure: X0 and The Triune Operating Principle X1, X2, X3  NCP X-AIONS


The Cosmic Transformation Process - The Triune Operating Principle

The following should be seen as a pedagogical attempt to create a theoretical "flow chart" to briefly illustrate the X-Structure and the Cosmic Transformation Process from X0 to X3 - i.e. from emptiness and stillness to movement, matter and life-experience:

1. X0 is permeated and influenced by the Central Need

2. The Central Need generates the Primordial Urge

3. The Primordial Urge motivates and activates the Triune Operating Principle as a whole - i.e. all three
aspects are simultaneously active

4. X1 permanently uses its Creative Ability X2 (energy and morphogenetic effect constants) to transform
the X0-nature (immaterial, emptiness, stillness) into X3 the Created and Experienced:
Movement, the Material Illusion, i.e. Objective Reality and experience of it as Subjective Reality,
the Manifested Cosmos, Life-Experience/Consciousness


The Cosmic Transformation Process from X0 to X3, i.e. the creation of
Life-Experience/Consciousness, is the superior task of
the Triune Operating Principle and thereby of Life itself.


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