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Lecture by Lynne McTaggart

Gothenburg, Sweden, November 2012



Lynne McTaggart, Sweden 2012

NCP met Lynne McTaggart in Gothenburg November 16, 2012 and listened to her interesting lecture. The Science journalist and author Lynne McTaggart also lecturer and publisher is a renowned front figure within the new paradigm. She is building bridges between Science and Spirituality especially on the basis of quantum physics and consciousness, topics which she, by way of her writing, has helped to make more accessible to the public, not least through her books: The Field -The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, The Intention Experiment - Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World, The Bond - Connecting Through the Space Between Us.


In Gothenburg Lynne McTaggart based her lecture on her latest book The Bond (now also available in Swedish published by Vattumannen). She also highlighted "The Intention Experiment" ongoing since 2006, that is demonstrating the power of our intentions and thoughts - "The Largest Mind over Matter Experiment in History", see: Lynne McTaggart is the architect of the experiment and the research and studies are conducted in collaboration with several Universities (including the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the University of California, the University of St. Petersburg and others).

Arthur C. Clarke wrote the following about The Field - which we believe applies to Lynne McTaggarts´ work in its entirety:"This important book stretches the imagination ... We are on the verge of another revolution in our understanding of the universe".
We can easily make many connections to the Cosmic Worldview and Martinus Cosmology and give profound explanations through the X-structure, the Life-Unit principle and the structure of entanglement that also really explain "the bond between us", how we all are connected. McTaggart also touched on epi-genetics, - where the Ability-Nuc principle considered as a morphogenetic effect-constant is also highly relevant as it is in the area of epi-genetics (in biology) that the Ability-Nuc principle - through the generated ability-nucs - influence the genes of the DNA-spiral. Well, the list is long ...

We express our Big Thank You to Lynne McTaggart and wish her good luck with her very important work!