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NCP X-AIONS: New Cosmic Paradigm with Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science, is an organization with no religious or political ties and is completely independent.


Its purpose is to inform about The Cosmic Worldview based on Martinus Cosmology

and to research its Ontology and present New Science

- A New Understanding of Reality - A New Paradigm


NCP X-AIONS is representing the branch* of the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology that is building bridges to Science, focusing on the great issues about Life, Consciousness and Reality posed by humanity and science - meeting the needs for a new worldview and a different more profound understanding of reality. This branch is especially represented by the work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen/PBJ, former trainee and collaborator with the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981).
* more information below: "The Two Branches in brief".


The background to and aim of NCP X-AIONS is to continue implementing Per Bruus-Jensen's work, systematizing and presenting the Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview. A work and project in close cooperation with PBJ, made possible by his extensive teaching that, for many years, he imparted to the founders of NCP X-AIONS.


The X-Research Project - NCP X-AIONS presents The X-Structure
The X-Structure in Martinus Cosmology represents the Analysis of Life
The X-Structure; the Basic Nature of Life and Existence
The Cosmic Worldview - Ontology of Consciousness and Reality


NCP X-AIONS The X-Project


The Two Branches in brief

It is evident that Martinus Cosmology has bifurcated into two main branches, both presenting The Cosmic Worldview but addressing different people's diverse needs and preferences.
In his later years Martinus named his entire production "The Third Testament" and many spiritual seekers interpret the writings in a religious way, finding an intellectualization of the content within religions, mainly based on and referring to the Christian tradition. (It was natural for Martinus to relate his cosmic knowledge to mainly Christianity, since this cultural tradition played the decisive role as the all-dominating element in his background as a child during the 1890s and early 1900s.) This branch has its major focus on explaining and building bridges to religion, mainly represented by The Martinus Institute in Copenhagen, which is ensuring and providing Martinus´ extensive production.
The other branch represented by Per Bruus-Jensen and NCP X-AIONS, is bridging to traditional science and focuses on the Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview and New Science. This branch was founded by Martinus primarily through his extensive teachings to Per Bruus-Jensen and the mission he was given to systematize, develop and connect Martinus' unique intuitive knowledge to modern science and thereby to contribute to the development of an all-inclusive Cosmic Science with a concomitant totality vision.
It should be added that many are inspired by both branches. They complement each other, and help us in our development from ignorance and surmise to knowledge and insight - and thus also from egoism to altruism.


A New Paradigm

The Cosmic Worldview will open the door to a Greater Reality and gives comprehensive and detailed knowledge that responds to the major issues of modern science including what Life, Death, Consciousness, Energy and Matter etc. actually are. As our understanding and awareness about life and reality increase we will gradually be able to create a better world where society is permeated by truly humanistic values. Egotistical and short sighted materialistic conduct will be replaced by action based on humanism and altruism. We will live in harmony and in tune with nature and the Earth discovering a living and infinite multiverse.
Despite all crises, catastrophes and conflicts on different levels, humanity finds itself in an expansive and very positive phase of development, we are facing a paradigm shift; from a materialistic/mechanistic worldview according to which chance and coincidence govern, towards an understanding of a reality according to which the Cosmos is infinite and alive and where life is controlled and governed by an all-embracing universal consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature that are associated with it. A New Cosmic Paradigm which involves greater awareness and thus a New Time ...


Support our Mission - Donate

The project and running costs are dependent on voluntary contributions such as financial support and work. If you wish to contribute in any way, please contact: Contact NCP X-AIONS. Donations are Gratefully received, please see: Support our Mission - Donate.


We Welcome new Supporters and Collaborators

We collaborate internationally with mainstream scientists but due to prejudices that exist within the current (and old) scientific paradigm, we protect their identity and support their work with us. We also invite new collaborators and scientific input from different areas is welcome.


NCP X-AIONS and The X-Research Project represented by:

 Arnold Therner Nike Therner Steen Löth Birgitta Therner

Arnold Therner



In Project leading

Nike Therner



In Project leading

Steen Löth



In Project leading

Birgitta Therner


Founder, Donor


 Alex Riel Peter Fenwick Pim van Lommel Leif Pettersson
Alex RielPeter FenwickPim van LommelLeif Pettersson
 Andrea Möllenkvist Eskild Kjær-Madsen Lars Palerius Lucie Minne
Andrea MöllenkvistEskild Kjær-MadsenLars PaleriusLucie Minne
 Pernilla Rosell Gustaf Ullman Lothar Schäfer Dean Radin
Pernilla RosellGustaf UllmanLothar SchäferDean Radin
 A.K. Mukhopadhyay Stephen Brock Schafer James Travell 
A.K. MukhopadhyayStephen Brock SchaferJames Travell