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NCP X-AIONS is in the process of writing new material in English illustrating the Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview (an Introduction: "Ontology - The X-Structure ; the Basic Nature of Life and Reality").


Literature of Per Bruus-Jensen and Martinus

PER BRUUS-JENSEN´s extensive literary production is available in Danish and partly in Swedish, (Click here to see the books). An English translation is in progress.

MARTINUS´ comprehensive literature including The Book of Life volumes 1 -7, The Eternal Word Picture volumes 1-4, etc. is partly available in English and published by the Martinus Institute and can be purchased from the Institute's internet bookshop (In the UK you can purchase the books from Watkins Books Ltd,. 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ,


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Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything

- The Fundamental Energy Theory - FET

A completely New Understanding of Reality! Presenting FET, a new model that meets physicists' criteria for what they term 'The Theory of Everything' and provides answers to many unsolved mysteries of physics. FET describes the qualitative vacuum energies, the 'Fundamental Energies' in the zero-point filed underlying and constituting the entire physical world, explaining dark matter, dark energy, particles, mass, Higgs field, gravity, space-time and much more.

Leif Pettersson has succeeded in presenting this complex, astounding material in a clear-cut, rational and comprehensive way. The subject is highly topical and of great public interest - it connects to the research at CERN and it also matches the presentation of science and popular science in today's media. The Fundamental Energy Theory confronts us with a whole new perception of reality. The book is richly illustrated in color.


140 pages, The book has many illustrations in color, to buy the Book: Balboa Press

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(Table of Contents + Page 24-25, 27-28, 44-45, 54, 104, 107)


Physicists have worked intensively for a long time to understand our physical world. They have also been struggling to unify the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces into a 'Theory of Everything', but so far without success. In this book Leif Pettersson presents a groundbreaking and very exciting material with theories based on the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology. These theories demonstrate a new model, 'The Fundamental Energy Theory - FET', that without any contradiction unifies the four fundamental forces of nature, and in fact gives us 'The Theory of Everything'! Hypotheses are presented that may explain the mechanisms behind Einstein's General and Special Theories of Relativity, quantum physics with its hypothetical gravitons, Higgs particles etc. and the enigmatic dark matter, dark energy and a lot more. The Fundamental Energy Theory offers a logical, coherent key to many of the unsolved mysteries of physics, e.g. those being currently studied in the world's biggest research project so far, the particle accelerator in CERN.

The book is made available by New Cosmic Paradigm (NCP), an independent organization representing and working with the branch of the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology that is building bridges to Science, focusing on the great issues about Life, Consciousness and Reality posed by humanity and science. This branch is especially represented by the work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen, former trainee and collaborator with Martinus.


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--- PRESS RELEASE June 10, 2012 USA ---

New Book Explores Fundamental Concepts in Physics
Leif Pettersson theorizes in "Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything"

Skoevde, Sweden (PRWEB) June 10, 2012
Conventional wisdom in physics constantly evolves with advancements, particularly with the discoveries about particles and atoms coming from the research done at the CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research - particle accelerator. Offering his own contributions to advance thinking in physics, Leif Pettersson delivers his new book "Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything: The Fundamental Energy Theory (FET)" (published by NCP and Balboa Press).
With this new study, Pettersson explores what he sees as the unsolved mysteries of physics, offering his ideas on qualitative vacuum energies - what he describes as "the fundamental energies in the zero-point field underlying and constituting the entire physical world" - as well as the concepts of dark matter, dark energy, particles, mass, Higgs field, gravity and space-time among others.
"Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything" is the product of Pettersson's driven and determined curiosity, a trait he feels he has in common with thinkers throughout history. "Mankind has always been searching for new knowledge to understand reality," he says. "The world's biggest research project so far, the particle accelerator in CERN, is a very illustrative expression for this."
Ultimately, Pettersson believes his book contributes revolutionary ideas and contributions to science and history. "The Fundamental Energy Theory in fact, meets all the criteria for what physicists term 'the theory of everything,'" he says. "It also explains gravity, mass, dark matter, dark energy and a lot more... there are no other theories that can explain all this. FET presents a completely novel concept. It is a paradigm shift."
About the Author:
Leif Pettersson, engineer in biochemistry, has profound interests in science - especially physics - and philosophy, focusing on the big questions of life, such as humanity's origins, its purpose and its future. Pettersson is particularly intrigued by the possible revelations hidden in the connections between modern physics and certain branches of philosophy, an intellectual pursuit that he explores in his writing.