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For more information Please see: "In the Footsteps of Martinus & Per Bruus-Jensen"/ A Visit to the Martinus Institute and the Eremitagesletten ... and Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm; "Martinus & Per Bruus-Jensen - the Cosmic World-Picture".


Briefly about Sigbritt Therner

Martinus and Sigbritt Therner, Kosmos, Varnhem, October 1964 (Photo: Per Bruus-Jensen)

As shown by this website, Sigbritt Therner was one of the very first to introduce Martinus Cosmology in Sweden, and she was a true pioneer in many different ways. In 1951 she also founded the first Martinus Center in Sweden; Cosmos Center or Kosmos Feriehem in Varnhem which was later inaugurated by Martinus on June 19, 1965. During these early days Sigbritt also developed a close relationship with Per Bruus-Jensen who, for several years, was Martinus' pupil and collaborator, and over the years she showed great commitment to Per and his extensive work based on the mission* Martinus assigned to him. This was also an early and great inspiration to Arnold Therner, one of the project leaders of New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS which continues the work on PBJ's collected writings and research. In this context it should be emphasized that NCP X-AIONS is completely freestanding and independent, and that the Foundation Kosmos Varnhem founded by Sigbritt continues today but with a somewhat different focus compared to the one that she initiated.


Martinus and Sigbritt Therner, Kosmos, Varnhem, October 1964 (Photo Per Bruus-Jensen)

* The mission that Martinus assigned to Per, was to specify, systematize and codify the intuitive knowledge that Martinus conveyed, which would also equip him for his later work; pursuing the creation of connections between this Cosmology and Natural science; i.e. between Spirituality and Science.


Martinus & Sigbritt Therner, January 1965, The foundation Kosmos Varnhem


The Cosmological Flag, Martinus Center - Kosmos Feriehem/Center Varnhem, Sweden - June 1965


Kosmos Center, Varnhem, inauguration by Martinus on June 19, 1965


 Martinus talks at Kosmos Varnhem on June 20, 1965 (the day after the inauguration )