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About the true foundation and starting point of all spiritual science


Per Bruus-Jensen

Translation: Chris Freeman/


Since I only have my own infinity
to create the temporal from,
infinity will also be present
in every temporal expression ...

- God

For as long as mankind has existed, people have been interested in the world and the reality we find ourselves in - partly through curiosity and partly due to more practical reasons; i.e. knowledge about reality also provides increased 'profit' and security when it comes to interacting with the world around us.

As the clearest and most determined expression of this preoccupation with the world and reality we need look no further than the field of classical science and related research over the past 450 years. Furthermore, scientists today are able to offer a solution which, in terms of authenticity and scope, seems very close to a final answer when it comes to explaining what the world fundamentally is - namely, energy. According to Albert Einstein's famous formula E = mc2 , which very simply states that all matter is actually concentrated energy, this theory is clearly confirmed by atomic bombs and nuclear power plants, etc.

However, even this far-reaching solution cannot be the ultimate answer to the true identity of the world and our reality, for what is energy? Is it something material or something immaterial - for example, something spiritual, as various mystics throughout the ages have claimed ...? But how can we determine something immaterial through empirical testing and scientific research based primarily on weights and measures? Can such a method be used to answer the question at hand?

Perhaps the weighing/measuring method in some ultra sophisticated form may produce a basis for fact, which through eminent deductive thought processes - and therefore excellent spiritual activity - will lead us to the definitive answer. In such a way, of course, that the answer can be verified experimentally. Even so, the answer will still be at least as much a product of spiritual science as it is of classical science and, therefore, calls for a qualified position to be taken with regards to statements about the genuine nature of reality arising from the so-called mystical tradition to which the Danish mystic Martinus (1890-1981) belongs.

The latter presented as follows:
First of all, according to Martinus, is an infinite, intangible 'Something' which in practice has the 'form' of a 100% virtual potential of creative possibilities - including the ability to produce an illusionistic contrast to its own immaterial/virtual being and starting point, i.e. an objective/material type of reality.

Driven by an eternal, inherent and insatiable primordial urge, the initial Something is encouraged to constantly exploit these opportunities for achieving recognition of its own existence and being.

The general result of this action is the phenomenon LIFE.

In practice, this general result is obtained by the initial Something, in accordance with the active primordial urge, by stepping into character as a triune principle of operation, represented by the specific principles of:
1. creator/one who experiences
2. creative ability/capacity to experience
(read energy)
3. created/experienced illusions (temporal forms)

Thanks to the inherent features of this very special troika of possibilities, the initial Something becomes able to recognize itself as subjective reality through life experience and consciousness. Not only that but this can be obtained in countless ways, and thus ways which satisfactorily harmonize with a perpetual existence, and therefore the existence of the initial Something.

In other words, this Something becomes an omnipotent, living being which is constantly preoccupied with the desire to create renewal in its totem and thereby renew the impression of itself ...

Consequently, everything and everyone - both good and evil - are equal parts of this infinite and eternal omnipotent being and its pursuits.


Points to note:
The reason we even consider such a reality complex, in the form of the universe and our understanding of it, is due entirely to the role played by the primordial urge, which is the source of all energy in existence.

Since the objective and subjective are basically both created from the same intangible primordial 'matter', these two forms of reality are naturally able to interact and influence each other, as the phenomenon LIFE requires: experience encourages action, and action gives rise to experience ...

As the universe is basically immaterial, a definite basis can be formed for everything that comes under the concepts of de-materialization, re-materialization and teleportation ...


Final Comment:
It should be strongly emphasized that the above explanation is a very brief and abridged introduction to the worldview, with its description of reality, derived from Martinus.

PBJ 2011


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