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An Excerpt of The Cosmic Worldview


A Brief Supplement to points 8 and 9:

One part of the Fundamental Energy Theory - FET is primarily focusing on two of the fundamental energies, the Expansion and Contraction energies and how they are underlying and constituting the entire physical world, the other four fundamental energies are also involved in these processes but to a much lesser degree. The expansion and contraction energies have totally opposite characteristics and according to their names the expansion energy expands and the contraction energy contracts, i.e. there is a tension between them. FET states that the interaction and tension between these two energies constitute the very basis of what physicists call force, particles and matter. The theory describes and explains the enigmatic dark matter and dark energy, the creation of particles from the zero-point field that in turn elucidates the phenomena of mass (Higgs field), curved space, the mechanisms of gravity and much more. FET also meets all the criteria for what physicists term 'The Theory of Everything'.