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Experiments with Afterimages

Per Bruus-Jensen


Translation: Chris Freeman/


After reading an article published in the journal Scientific American (1976) on the subject of "afterimages", the author discovered, by chance, that such afterimages appear to change size when the distance to the background they are seen against is altered.

Further experiments revealed that with closed eyes and through focused, concentrated effort of will, one can change the size of an afterimage by mentally modifying the distance between the image and its subjective background. As the background is mentally moved closer towards the observer, the image appears increasingly smaller; and vice versa, if the background is moved further away. In other words, afterimages follow the behaviour of a classic projection process.

These experiments culminated with the author, through focused thought and closed eyes, making the afterimage float back and forth within the relevant subjective space, while the apparent size of the afterimage was dynamically modified in direct relation to the thought accompanying the movement. This, in practice, must mean that the 'projector' is under the influence of personal exerted will.

Finally, we can identify the laws which govern the metric size of an afterimage in relation to the given distance from its background and express these laws mathematically.

Two main realizations can be concluded from these experiments:

1. The subjective space where we, with closed eyes, see afterimages appear, is the same space we, with eyes open, witness our so-called real world - and vice versa.

2. The personal 'I' - through its own consciousness and will - has power over matter (i.e. the brain and physical senses) to such an extent that it is entirely capable of mentally forcing afterimages to float back and forth in this subjective space, while the images simultaneously and automatically change size according to the modified viewing distance. The aforementioned space and its contents may therefore be described as the individual's personally generated and completely private, subjective 'cyberspace' ...

These experiments are further described in more detail in the author's book Existence and Immortality (Vol. 1). It is also worthy of note that, through course work, etc. these experiments have subsequently been implemented by others with precisely the same result.

PBJ 2011